The Radiant Awards

Innovation & Vision in Identity Systems

9 April 2021, AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel


1 - Introduction and Objectives

APSCA organises the Radiant Awards to recognise excellence in planning, design, implementation and operation of national electronic identity schemes, applications and services. The Radiant Awards are designed to reward government organisations that operate identity schemes for citizens and residents accessing government services within their own country or travelling and crossing borders, together with their partners that provide supporting smart technology and identity solutions. The Radiant Awards comprise several awards that recognise vision, creativity, thought leadership, technology innovation, implementation best practices and service delivery for citizens and residents. Entries should be corroborated and substantiated, for example by independent audit or review and by performance data that provides evidence that design objectives have or will be met. The 2021 Radiant Awards will be presented at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, during the 3-day 6th Border Management & Identity Conference (6th BMIC), held in Bangkok on 7-9 April 2021. Click here to visit the 6th BMIC website.

2 - Award Categories

i. The Radiant Vision Award – 1 award

The Radiant Vision Award recognises forward thinking ideas that have led to significant innovations in how national electronic identity schemes are planned, designed, developed or deployed.

ii. The Radiant Pioneer Award – 2 awards

The Radiant Pioneer Award recognises pioneering new uses or applications of smart technology in public sector identity schemes.

iii. The Radiant Launch Award – 4 awards

The Radiant Launch Awards are for the 4 most significant deployments (excluding pilots) of public sector identity schemes, applications or services in the last 18 months.

iv. Radiant Service Award – 2 awards

The Radiant Service Award is for a national electronic identity scheme that has consistently delivered exemplary services to citizens and residents over a period of at least 5 years.

To learn more about the award categories and evaluation criteria, please go to Award Categories

3 - Participation Information

Submitting an entry for the Radiant Awards is free-of-charge.

Entry forms for the Radiant Award evaluation process can be submitted by any organisation that abides by the rules, terms and conditions and is either a:

1 - Nominee that is a government organisation that operates an electronic identity scheme for, or provides smart eID technology-based services to citizens or residents.

or a:

2 - Nominating organisation (including technology solutions providers) that wishes to propose a nominee that is a government organisation that operates an electronic identity scheme for, or provides smart eID technology-based services to citizens or residents.

The Radiant Awards opens for submissions on 14 September 2020. For more information on the entry submissions process and key dates, please go to How to Enter

4 - Rules

Nominees and nominating organisations must abide by the rules of the Radiant Awards which include providing complete information about entries and corroborating data to support their entries.

Uncorroborated claims will be discounted in the judging - Entrants should provide supporting evidence and corroboration of claims. Corroboration might include some combination of transaction volume data, independent reviews or audits and other evidence confirming that design objectives have or will be met.

To learn about the Radiant Awards entry requirements, please go to Rules

5 - Judging

The jury for the evaluation of the Radiant Awards will be made up of the Chairman of APSCA together with independent consultants that are experts in the field of electronic identity.

To get to know our panel of judges, please go to Jury

6 - Terms & Conditions

1. Radiant Award entrants, including nominees and nominating organisations, grant APSCA permission to use the names of organisations entered for the Radiant Awards, including electronic identity schemes, nominee government agencies and nominating organisations, as well as photos taken at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, in APSCA media linked to the communications and promotion for the Radiant Awards.

2. APSCA will maintain the confidentiality of all information included in submissions for the Radiant Awards with the exception of the names of nominee government agencies and their electronic identity schemes, the names of nominating organisations and the 50 word summarised description of the entry included on the entry form (all such information is related to the Use of Radiant Awards). All personal contact information collected, including Radiant Awards user account email addresses and contact information on Radiant Awards entry forms will be used only in relation to the Radiant Awards.

Other Terms & Conditions are listed here


The Radiant Awards will be presented at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, during the 3-day 6th Border Management and Identity Conference on Technical Cooperation & Capacity Building (6th BMIC), held in Bangkok on 7-9 April 2021.

The 6th BMIC explores Innovative Solutions in Managing Borders and National Security to Facilitate Migration and Trade. Now, more than at any other time, the positive outcomes from facilitating international migration flows and expediting human mobility can benefit cross-border trade and economic development. The conference is organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and APSCA and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. The 6th BMIC is an opportunity for stakeholders to share information on key developments and continue to define the border and identity management agenda to achieve the stated objectives.

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