The Radiant Awards

Innovation & Vision in Identity Systems

9 April 2021, AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Confidentiality and Data Privacy

APSCA will maintain the confidentiality of all information included in submissions for the Radiant Awards with the exception of the names of nominee government agencies and their electronic identity schemes, the names of nominating organisations and the 50 word summarised description of the entry included on the entry form (all such information is related to the Use of Radiant Awards). All personal contact information collected, including Radiant Awards user account email addresses and contact information on Radiant Awards entry forms will be used only in relation to the Radiant Awards.

Presentation and Acceptance of Radiant Awards

The Radiant Awards will be presented at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, during the 3-day 6th Border Management & Identity Conference (6th BMIC), held in Bangkok on 7-9 April 2021.

Radiant Awards must be accepted by the government agency (nominee) that implemented the national electronic identity scheme together with their key technology solutions providers (to be decided by the nominee but including any nominating organisation). If the nominee is not present at the Radiant Awards Ceremony then the award can be accepted on their behalf by either a nominating organisation or any other organisation assigned by the nominee.

Nature of Radiant Awards

Radiant Awards consist only of an engraved decorative crystal trophy, having no monetary value.

Use of Radiant Awards

Radiant Award entrants, including nominees and nominating organisations, grant APSCA permission to use the names of organisations entered for the Radiant Awards, including electronic identity schemes, nominee government agencies and nominating organisations, as well as photos taken at the Radiant Awards Ceremony, in APSCA media linked to the communications and promotion for the Radiant Awards. Any description of Radiant Award entrants will be taken from the 50 word summarised description of the entry included on the entry form which is the only section of the entry form which can be made public (as advised on the entry form).


APSCA reserves the right to reduce or extend any part of the schedule for the Radiant Awards, postpone the Radiant Awards Ceremony or cancel the Radiant Awards for any reason. In such cases APSCA will be required to notify all entrants by email but will not be legally liable for failure to do so.


By entering the Radiant Awards, all nominees and nominating organisations unconditionally and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions which will be maintained by APSCA:

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